Partnership with The American College of Financial Services

The American College of Financial Services, the nation’s largest nonprofit educational institution devoted to financial services, and the Funding Longevity Task Force have partnered to expand the body of knowledge on issues related to reverse mortgages and home equity in retirement planning.

Since its inception in 2012, the Task Force has championed groundbreaking research focused on reverse mortgages. Now aligned with The College and all of its resources, its goal is to develop and advance an objective understanding of the role that housing wealth can play in retirement income planning.

The seven-member task force is comprised of prominent thought leaders and researchers in the financial planning profession: Shelley Giordano, Chair; Marguerita Cheng, CFP®; Thomas C. B. Davison, MA, PhD, CFP®; Wade D. Pfau, PhD, CFA®; Barry H. Sacks, PhD, JD; John Salter, PhD, CFP®, AIFA®; and Sandra Timmermann, Ed.D.

Jamie Hopkins, Associate Professor of Retirement Income and Co-Director of The American College New York Life Center for Retirement Income, is spearheading the collaboration between the Task Force and The College. As Hopkins explains, “We will utilize this group of bright and talented individuals to promote, discuss, and conduct research that can help improve the retirement income security of Americans by increasing the effective use of home equity in a retirement plan.”

The Funding Longevity Task Force was co-founded by Torrey Larsen and Shelley Giordano. Ms. Giordano notes that, “Our Task Force took as its mission an exploration of a rational and objective understanding of the role that housing wealth can play in prudent planning for retirement income. We have been pleased that our efforts have permanently changed the conversation about reverse mortgages. We look forward to expanding our reach by joining forces with this respected and energetic institution.”

This new relationship between the Task Force and The American College is made possible through the generous help of four strategic partner organizations: Retirement Funding Solutions, One Reverse Mortgage, Longbridge Financial, and TMAC.